mercoledì 21 gennaio 2015

6th of Feb we'll Rocking with the amazing TAOS.

80s Party


lunedì 12 gennaio 2015

Thanks to Ver Sacrum for the great Album Review

Vigorous and radio-friendly (to a high level) as offered in the homonymous debut-album from the Anglo/Italian band Neracruz who, with a strong sound based on an irresistible guitar groove and an excellent production, if well supported this deserves to settle permanently in the playlists of rock-oriented broadcasters (I will not miss the opportunity to air these songs designed especially for airplay). Influenced by suc...h groups as ‘The Cult’ (Their pumped and High energy songs sing of this American influence), Zodiac Mindwarp, with Bang Tango "Live injection" / "Psycho Cafe" and a little 'gothic-wave background. Even when they choose to sing in mother tongue they do not slip into banality as seen with other bands that attempt the same, whilst continuing to maintain a high profile. Then I read (but I had already heard a couple of times the CD) that the main-man and founder Raff Cruz had briefly collaborated with ‘Underneath What’ and here my praise sores higher, owning a cassette (received third-hand) of their "what is it "published by WEA now back in 1989 Carneades engulfed dall'allor bulimic recording industry worldwide, and which I still find a masterpiece, perhaps because it was immediately apparent that their adventure would prove fleeting ... Neracruz not only have powerful guitars and athletic rhythm section, keyboards that often establish themselves as the main protagonists, giving to more than one episode a peculiar color and causing me to increase the consideration that I first felt in this interesting debut. If professionalism is lacking in Italy, this is not the case with Neracruz. Excellent, what the heck!