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The idea ‘Neracruz’ is the brainchild of singer Raff Cruz, who moved to England in the mid-90s, returning to Italy with an exciting ‘multi genre’ projects in mind.
This Album is a true testimony to this particular mindset. A genuine example of crossover in the broadest sense, the work combines a courageous and defiant mix of genres that would not normally be associ...ated with each other. Rock, Metal, New Wave, Techno, Gothic, complement each other in a certainly unusual, sometimes tricky, but always very interesting product (One interesting mix is the choice of language, sometimes in English, sometimes in Italian),
It follows that the band - although they remain in a circuit largely attributable to the genre ‘Heavy’, notably the gothic and hard rock genres, pay perfect homage to a sound architecture now (almost) forgotten, such as the new wave scene to the darker sound of the cult The Cult’ and the psychological obsessive rhythms of techno/dance.

With that said I must mention that:
a) It’s not the easiest of listens and takes a few attempts to understand the work presented.
b) Proof of a courageous willingness to blend, very rare to find in contemporary bands, at least to these (extreme) levels
For these reasons, the album should be rewarded not only for the message it gives, but also - and especially - the intricate and substantially materialized desire to dare, a capacity very rare in a time when it would be easier to ride the popular and commercially accepted dominated scene to get a more immediate acclaim.

Vote: 80/100


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Two geographical artistic identities that contribute to a well-defined mix of new-wave and Gothic Rock.
It’s not difficult to give an identity to the creation known as NERACRUZ, formed in London back in ’95 by front-man Raff Cruz, Italian by Birth, British at heart with a background of collaboration with bands such as Sigue Sigue Sputnik e Underneath What....
Two united souls reflect the choice of style and expression, with lyrics in English and Italian (often alternating during the same song…an interesting and captivating idea), songwriting that pulls ingredients from artists such as ‘The Cult’, ‘Litfiba’ with an added touch of mainstream attitude with a touch of ‘Simple Minds’, ‘Billy Idol’ and Luciferme.
This union of styles works rather well, probably down to the musical capability of the musicians, showing great personality, without falling into a trap of ‘old school’ or ‘parody’ and offering a sound appreciated by modern listeners (as seen through the success of such bands as ‘Editors, Interpol, White Lies etc).
A captivating and almost disturbing album with its mix of light and shadow, balanced and highly convincing, sustained with classy compositions, with a fresh and interesting interpretation thanks to the capabilities of the vocalist who is able to transmit authentic emotions whilst not hiding his own influences (Ian Astbury for example).
With a highly respected production team behind this album (Produced by Nicolo Fragile and mixed by Marco Trentacosta) “Neracruz” are able to bewitch listeners with a fistful of melodic, convincing and well-structured songs that would not be out of place on the darkest and most decadent of dancefloors.
Further underlining the well-executed sensitivity of Marco Marco Mazzesi’s keyboard and I can do nothing but recommend ‘’NERACRUZ’ to listeners who appreciate a sound that through its popular sounding sensation should be celebrated and not only emulated.

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From the very first moment I heard the self titled album by 'Neracruz' I realised that this is a rich plate full of temptation. Why? Because of the vast mix of influences present in this album, from Goth, Rock, Metal and New Wave and with lyrics in both English and Italian
This is an interesting product by a band formed back in 1995, driven by Raff Cruz (Vocals and ex collaborator with Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Underneath What) that now present listeners with this highly evolved album in both sound and quality.
No need to go into detail that this is an Anglo/Italian outfit with 2 Brits, 2 Italians and a band leader who moved to London at the age of 15 only to return to his homeland with and suitcase full of experience. You can read more of these details through various social networks.
I would prefer to concentrate on the music and this highly enjoyable album, driven with such songs as the splendid 'Borderline', that bring back fond memories of Andrea Chimenti's Italian New Wave band 'Moda' (not to be confused with the Pop outfit of the same name), and their head on approach to various styles and genres whilst always emerged in pure Rock.
The single 'The Dream', which can be enjoyed through their official video, is rich and full of groove and the delicate ballad 'Nova' retains a high level of quality with it's heavy sound reminiscent of the Cult.
Eleven songs (I've only mentioned my favourites so far, all of an equal high quality) that remain faithful to the vision of reaching a vast audience which with adequate promotion could easily attain. Unfortunately this will be difficult to obtain as the mass media of popular radio prefers to air only 'crap'.
The very cool track 'Fever is as powerful as a marching army and a series of quality tracks that in my 30 years of experience, and I've heard it all, are hard to come by. Nothing is left to chance with this product. From the artwork, booklet and song 'Look of your eyes'; all prime examples of sounds taken directly from the 70s and 80s then fused into something which screams of the new millennium.
This is another great release that demonstrates that NERACRUZ are proud members of a much needed high quality music scene.


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Imagine a small triangle…at the top of that triangle you put 'The Cult' and the 80s British New Wave scene. At another point of the triangle you put Italian Rock with the dark feeling of early Litfiba and finally at the remaining point you add U2 in the “Rattle and Hum” days.
It’s right in the middle of this triangle that we find NERACRUZ, the Anglo/Italian project formed by Raffaele Calabrese (Vox), brought to Italy from London... (where he had already collaborated with such bands as Sigue Sigue Sputnik) bringing with him Kevin Fisher (Gtr), Steve Pons (Bass), then uniting with Marco Mazzesi (Keys) and finally settling with Luca Lombardo (Drums). Maybe not the best musicians in the World and with families in tow, however they still have something to say to the World.
Not sure if it’s inevitable, but the years can be felt through the strong 80s influence, a sound that sets the tone for NERACRUZ. An able mix of sounds from Rock, dark wave, ever present and persuasive keyboards and further enhanced by the choice of language used (50% English 50% Italian).
From ‘Pure Love’ that shouts out ‘Cult’ mainly down to the Raff’s powerful and deep sounding voice, to ‘The Dream’, a Rock anthom with an almost Disco feel to it (More Italian influence there) and so on and so on for the whole album. The album changes direction many times, going from a pure Rock sensation to a then more Electronic feel.
It’s hard to tell if the album will find admirers outside of the usual Rock circles. One thing is however certain…If you like this style then you will enjoy the explosive track list that, even though has a nostalgic feel, still maintains a clean, modern, pumped up and Metalized sound.

Thanks Roxx Zone for the great review.

NERACRUZ, formed in London back in 1995 and then transported to Italy by Band Leader Raff Cruz and English Bassist Steve Pons. The line up was solidified with Drummer Strefano Luchese, Keyboard player Marco Mazzesi and Kevin Fisher on Guitar. After signing with Valery Records they went on to release their debut album produced by Nicolo Fragile e Iacoppo Pinna (Gotthard, Mina, Vasco to name just a few). Mixing was trusted to Marco Trentac...osta (lacuna Coil, Vibrazione, Rezophonics) and mastered at Nautilus studios in Milan. The sound is Powerful and in you face with an excellent mix of various styles from Goth, New Wave but always maintaining a base of Pure Rock. Lyrics are in both Italian and English (sometimes during the same song). This formular reminds us a little of ‘Hear Reality’ from ‘Can of Soul’ that we happened to recently review, although the two paths are distinctively different with a more ‘Cult’ sound as apposed to Billy Idol or Litfibe. However this path never loses site of what the band are trying to receive which is no doubt down to the experience of the muscians who are first class indeed. This debut album, whilst not being a miracle of originality, which was never the intention, is however a solid example of competence essential to the success of an album; something that many debut albums nowadays miss.