venerdì 26 gennaio 2007

Welcome to Dawn and Stefano

Hello dear dear friends,
Some days I love our Music to bits, and some days I love our Music even more.
Today my favourite Neracruz songs are: Alone, Fever and Fast, tommorow, depending on how I wake up, they may change.
What about you guys hiding out there in the mist..leave a comment.
Today I'm gonna introduce two new friends: The first is Dawn...
Dawn is the WebMaster for those Gods of Metal, MANOWAR. I met her many moons back when I was thrashing the Guitar For Konkrete Gerbil. Check out her Blog and various links.
The second is Stefano Giacometti from Babylonmagazine, an online Metal orgy with over 20000 monthly contacts..full of info, reviews and loads more!
Take care o Brothers of Metal
Ciao cari amici,
Ci sono giorni in cui amo la mia musica e ci sono altri giorni in cui l'amo di più.
Oggi le mie canzoni preferite sono: Alone, Fever e Fast. Ma domani tutto può cambiare, depende da come mi sveglio.
E voi altri, nascosti la fuori nella nebia... lasciate un commento.
Oggi vi faccio conocere due nuovi amici: La prima è Dawn...
Dawn è il WebMaster per gli dei del Metal MANOWAR. L'ho coosciuta tante lune fa quando picchiavo la chittara con i Konkrete Gerbil.
Il secondo è Stefano Giacometti del Babylonmagazine, un'orgia metal con piu di 20000 contati mensili, pieno di informazioni, recensioni e molto altro ancora.
A dopo miei fratelli/sorelle del Metal


7 commenti:

Grouch ha detto...

Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.

Anonimo ha detto...

Wasn't it Queen who sang "Who wants to live forever"?
My Favorite NeraCruz Song is 'LOST'

Anonimo ha detto...

who's that joe? joe cool wearing dark sunglasses????

neracruz ha detto...

"Who wants to live forever"
Me no...I'm already 106 years of age! keeps you young!

DawnOwar ha detto...

Thanks for the mention but I am not the webmaster for Manowar! I am the FORMER webmaster for Manowar. Now I am something of the "anti-webmaster" for Manowar if there could be such a thing. (long long long story)

But I *am* the official webmaster of Ross The Boss, the original guitarist. He is really unbelievably great, and I'm pretty sure it was him that made Manowar not suck, cause without him they're just nowhere near as good.

Thanks for the mention :)

Kev Cruz ha detto...

Sorry for my mistake Dawn...

DawnOwar ha detto...

you're sexxxy when you blog ;)