lunedì 2 settembre 2013

What have we been up to??

Since I last posted a few exiting things have happened.

Apart from a few great gigs we got our arses into the studio and recorded the album. We recorded it at Hit Factory studios, mixed by Marco Trentacosta and mastered at Nautilus (Milan).

We are in advanced discussions with our Record Company (No names until the time is right) and are currently in the phase of talks regarding the promotional side of the release.

There is as of yet no certain release date although I would guess it will be some time before christmas .

We are really exited about the new material and enjoyed revamping and re-recording old's amazing to hear songs we recorded in low quality sounding so new and vibrant.

I will keep you all posted on our progress.

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Liz ha detto...

Nice to see you again Kev... and how many good news :)