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Neracruz, created in '95 by Raff after leaving his native Italy and settling in London. The singer forged an outfit with 2 Brits and 2 Italians all with different musical backgrounds but the right chemistry needed for such a project. A project that combines, in perfect harmony, styles and emotions, such as Dark/Goth, the rhythmic full synth sounds of New Wave/techno, the energetic grind of Rock/Metal, each track its own identity. In 2014 the band signed a deal with 'Valery Records' and released the 11 track album 'NERACRUZ'. The linguistic choice of songs in both Italian, and English (often during the same song), renders this a varied and interesting listen. The Italian lyrics are well thought out which is something to be noted and not underestimated.
Let's have a look at what we can expect from "NERACRUZ".
Deep in dark melancholy, the track "Pure Love" shrouds and pulls us into this turbulent work. One is instantly drawn to the intense electronic melodies that give both body and rhythm whilst keeping an undertone of grinding power and energy.
Raff's voice gives the song "Borderline" a magnetic and charismatic touch.
Other songs such as the single "The Dream" and "Kill Me Not" lean towards a more rhythmic, danceable Techno feel whilst "Look of your eyes" and "War Dance" draw you into an irresistible rhythm from the very first listen.
Tracks such as "Nova" and "Moonwatch" show a more sensitive and intimate side to the band with an almost delicate sound in the first and a rougher rawer sound in the second, while "Fever" mixes rhythm and melancholy resulting in an emotional and intricate track.
We also find tracks such as "The Only One" and "Blind Game" that give us a 'harder' sound whilst not letting go of the all important melody.
I can do nothing but appreciate this offering by "NERACRUZ", a band who's brilliant songwriting capability manage to perfectly combine genres that at first one would think would not mix well. I highly recommend this album, created by excellent musicians who know just what to do and how to do it.


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