mercoledì 11 marzo 2015

Thanks RockHard for the great review 


I found NERACRUZ to be an enjoyable discovery amongst an Italian Music scene dominated by unoriginal bands trying to copy a foreign sound. A very interesting Debut album offered by this Anglo/Italian outfit who offer a mix of songs in English, Italian and some...times both during the same song. An excellent production gives a great base to this great product, that although occasionally lack in variety is without a doubt unique. The album gives an initial impression of Litbiba, Cult (Sonic Temple) and Depeshe Mode's dark wave feel all with excellent results. NERACRUZ's calling card is a well thought out sound, cold but at the same time inviting, where Rock and Electronic mix well with a great drum groove, never losing sight of radio friendly melodies and succeeding in the difficult task of giving an international feel to Italian Rock and at the same time an Italian feel to international Rock. An excellent debut and a formation worth keeping an eye on.

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