venerdì 27 febbraio 2015

Thanks Gianluca Livi from '' for the great review: 80/100 aint to bad at all!



The idea ‘Neracruz’ is the brainchild of singer Raff Cruz, who moved to England in the mid-90s, returning to Italy with an exciting ‘multi genre’ projects in mind.
This Album is a true testimony to this particular mindset. A genuine example of crossover in the broadest sense, the work combines a courageous and defiant mix of genres that would not normally be associ...ated with each other. Rock, Metal, New Wave, Techno, Gothic, complement each other in a certainly unusual, sometimes tricky, but always very interesting product (One interesting mix is the choice of language, sometimes in English, sometimes in Italian),
It follows that the band - although they remain in a circuit largely attributable to the genre ‘Heavy’, notably the gothic and hard rock genres, pay perfect homage to a sound architecture now (almost) forgotten, such as the new wave scene to the darker sound of the cult The Cult’ and the psychological obsessive rhythms of techno/dance.

With that said I must mention that:
a) It’s not the easiest of listens and takes a few attempts to understand the work presented.
b) Proof of a courageous willingness to blend, very rare to find in contemporary bands, at least to these (extreme) levels
For these reasons, the album should be rewarded not only for the message it gives, but also - and especially - the intricate and substantially materialized desire to dare, a capacity very rare in a time when it would be easier to ride the popular and commercially accepted dominated scene to get a more immediate acclaim.

Vote: 80/100


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