venerdì 13 febbraio 2015

Thanks Roxx Zone for the great review.

NERACRUZ, formed in London back in 1995 and then transported to Italy by Band Leader Raff Cruz and English Bassist Steve Pons. The line up was solidified with Drummer Strefano Luchese, Keyboard player Marco Mazzesi and Kevin Fisher on Guitar. After signing with Valery Records they went on to release their debut album produced by Nicolo Fragile e Iacoppo Pinna (Gotthard, Mina, Vasco to name just a few). Mixing was trusted to Marco Trentac...osta (lacuna Coil, Vibrazione, Rezophonics) and mastered at Nautilus studios in Milan. The sound is Powerful and in you face with an excellent mix of various styles from Goth, New Wave but always maintaining a base of Pure Rock. Lyrics are in both Italian and English (sometimes during the same song). This formular reminds us a little of ‘Hear Reality’ from ‘Can of Soul’ that we happened to recently review, although the two paths are distinctively different with a more ‘Cult’ sound as apposed to Billy Idol or Litfibe. However this path never loses site of what the band are trying to receive which is no doubt down to the experience of the muscians who are first class indeed. This debut album, whilst not being a miracle of originality, which was never the intention, is however a solid example of competence essential to the success of an album; something that many debut albums nowadays miss.

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