giovedì 26 febbraio 2015

Thanks Marco Aimasso from Metal Hammer for the great Review:



Two geographical artistic identities that contribute to a well-defined mix of new-wave and Gothic Rock.
It’s not difficult to give an identity to the creation known as NERACRUZ, formed in London back in ’95 by front-man Raff Cruz, Italian by Birth, British at heart with a background of collaboration with bands such as Sigue Sigue Sputnik e Underneath What....
Two united souls reflect the choice of style and expression, with lyrics in English and Italian (often alternating during the same song…an interesting and captivating idea), songwriting that pulls ingredients from artists such as ‘The Cult’, ‘Litfiba’ with an added touch of mainstream attitude with a touch of ‘Simple Minds’, ‘Billy Idol’ and Luciferme.
This union of styles works rather well, probably down to the musical capability of the musicians, showing great personality, without falling into a trap of ‘old school’ or ‘parody’ and offering a sound appreciated by modern listeners (as seen through the success of such bands as ‘Editors, Interpol, White Lies etc).
A captivating and almost disturbing album with its mix of light and shadow, balanced and highly convincing, sustained with classy compositions, with a fresh and interesting interpretation thanks to the capabilities of the vocalist who is able to transmit authentic emotions whilst not hiding his own influences (Ian Astbury for example).
With a highly respected production team behind this album (Produced by Nicolo Fragile and mixed by Marco Trentacosta) “Neracruz” are able to bewitch listeners with a fistful of melodic, convincing and well-structured songs that would not be out of place on the darkest and most decadent of dancefloors.
Further underlining the well-executed sensitivity of Marco Marco Mazzesi’s keyboard and I can do nothing but recommend ‘’NERACRUZ’ to listeners who appreciate a sound that through its popular sounding sensation should be celebrated and not only emulated.

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