venerdì 13 febbraio 2015

And the great reviews just keep!!

Imagine a small triangle…at the top of that triangle you put 'The Cult' and the 80s British New Wave scene. At another point of the triangle you put Italian Rock with the dark feeling of early Litfiba and finally at the remaining point you add U2 in the “Rattle and Hum” days.
It’s right in the middle of this triangle that we find NERACRUZ, the Anglo/Italian project formed by Raffaele Calabrese (Vox), brought to Italy from London... (where he had already collaborated with such bands as Sigue Sigue Sputnik) bringing with him Kevin Fisher (Gtr), Steve Pons (Bass), then uniting with Marco Mazzesi (Keys) and finally settling with Luca Lombardo (Drums). Maybe not the best musicians in the World and with families in tow, however they still have something to say to the World.
Not sure if it’s inevitable, but the years can be felt through the strong 80s influence, a sound that sets the tone for NERACRUZ. An able mix of sounds from Rock, dark wave, ever present and persuasive keyboards and further enhanced by the choice of language used (50% English 50% Italian).
From ‘Pure Love’ that shouts out ‘Cult’ mainly down to the Raff’s powerful and deep sounding voice, to ‘The Dream’, a Rock anthom with an almost Disco feel to it (More Italian influence there) and so on and so on for the whole album. The album changes direction many times, going from a pure Rock sensation to a then more Electronic feel.
It’s hard to tell if the album will find admirers outside of the usual Rock circles. One thing is however certain…If you like this style then you will enjoy the explosive track list that, even though has a nostalgic feel, still maintains a clean, modern, pumped up and Metalized sound.

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