venerdì 23 febbraio 2007

RIP, Italian Government!

I'm gonna start off today with a joke!
I once again live in a country with no Government!
Italy's president accepted Prime Minister Romano Prodi's resignation on Wednesday following the government's defeat in a Senate vote on foreign policy.
Prodi, who stayed in power for a astonishing amount of time (nine months) has steped down.
Divided over the war in Afghanistan, Prodi's pretend Communist government was unable to grasp enough votes for a motion backing Rome's foreign policy.
Without a majority, there's no government.....again!! Sure ain't the first time and sure won't be the last!
A government spokesman announced that His Royal Highness Sir Silvio is at present cracking open the Champagne!
Funny ain't it!!!
Oggi comincio con una barzeletta.
Vivo in un paese senza un Governo!
Il presidente d'Italia ha accetato le dimissioni di Romano Prodi questo Mercoledì in seguito ad una sconfitta dei voti al senato sulla politica estera!
Prodi è rimasto al potere per un'incredibile quantità di tempo... nove mesi!
Diviso sulla guerra in Afganistan, il finto Governo Communista non avevo abbastanza voti per una mozione sulla politica estera Romana.
Senza una maggioranza, non c'è Governo... ancora! Non è la prima volta e non sarà l'ultima!
Un rappresentante del governo ha annunciato che suo maestà... Sir Silvio al momento stà aprendo lo Champagne!

9 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

They should stick to Pizza!

Sir Winston Churchill ha detto...

"One man and one man alone has ranged the Italian people in deadly struggle against the British Empire and has deprived Italy of the sympathy and intimacy of the United States of America...One man has arrayed the trustees and inheritors of ancient Rome upon the side of the ferocious pagan barbarians...There lies the tragedy of Italian history and there stands the criminal who has wrought the deed of folly and of shame.

Anonimo ha detto...

I'm sure that your Spanish Bass player is Happy!

Kev Cruz ha detto...

Having lived in Itay for a number of years, I find it sad that a great culture is tarnished by those in F****** power!

tina ha detto...

ahh i was never fond of politics.. they never brought any good to a country unless it gives them their own vested interest.

Kev Cruz ha detto...

Tina hit the nail in the head!
This weekend I intend to have fun and forget about the world!

Anonimo ha detto...


Sounds like that Tom Hanks Movie The Terminal.. A man without a country... *laughs*

Have a great weekend man!

ZHP ha detto...

bro, have an excellent weekend!! I was gonna say something about your post but you are right, man!: let´s forget about politics this weekend!!! that is super cool!!!!


Bhalla saab ha detto...

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