venerdì 9 febbraio 2007

Weekend mode

Hiya there chums,
I started this Blog originally as a 'temporary adventure' whilst waiting for our official website to be put back on line! I can now state that I've changed my mind...websites tend to be quite static whereas a Blog can almost be thought of as alive...constantly evolving and growing! I've met new friends from all around the globe. I've had a chance to read their thoughts on all manner of subjects...had the chance to share our music with many people and even if out of 1000 people only one person appreciates what were doing then, bingo, I've achieved my goal!
Soooooooooo, within the next month or so will be back on line, but for me, this little ant in the anthill will carry on blogging!
That's all for me as I'm packing my parachute and getting into weekend mode!
long live Rock 'n' Roll
P.s Only Skydivers know why the birds sing!
Ciao amici,
Ho comminciato questa Blog come un' 'avventura temporanea' mentre eravamo in attesa che il nostro sito ufficiale tornasse nuovamente online! Addesso posso dire che ho cambiato idea... i siti web spesso sono molto statici, invece un Blog è quasi vivo....sempre in evoluzione...sempre in crescita!
Ho conoscuto nuovi amici da tutto il mondo. Ho avuto la chance di leggere i loro pensieri su tanti argomenti diversi. Ho avuto la possibilità di condividere la nostra musica con tante persone e se su 1000 persone solo ad una persone piace, allora ho attenuto una vittoria personale.
Fra uno o due mesi il sito officiale sarà da nuovo on line, ma io, come un piccolo scribacchino, continuerò a scrivere su questo Blog!
Basta per addesso...stò per piegare il mio paracadute perchè sono già in "modalità" weekend!
Lunga vita al Rock 'n' Roll
P.s Solo gli Skydivers sanno perchè gli uccelli cantono.

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Anonimo ha detto...

Blog on forever!

Anonimo ha detto...

Nice post.

Anonimo ha detto...


Anonimo ha detto...


Sinja ha detto...

Great blog, I love that you do each post in both languages! The music kicks ass too. Take care!

Callie ha detto...

Hey Kev-

How many jumps do you have under your belt?

I only have one. Tandem...Was wanting to do it again, however the DZ I went to and liked had to close due to licensing issues...sucketh muchly. Therefore I am trying to hook up with Tunneling....

At any rate-
have a good one.

tina ha detto...

right. a website can be static and a blog is always dynamic.. changing and updating.

Have a great weekend!

RL ha detto...


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If agreeable , pls add a link to my blog and let me know

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Kev Cruz ha detto...

Hi Callie,
Tunneling is cool, but I've never tried it (I'm too poor)
I'm glad you enjoyed your tandem...and shame about your DZ closing down, but there are loads more out there.
I jump near Bologna (Italy)..If you're ever in the area..get in touch!
Take care,

DawnOwar ha detto...

bloggers rock!