giovedì 22 febbraio 2007


Hi there friends..
After much nagging and unfortunately a few home truths discovered, Raffaell Cruz has asked me to include a few lines from one of our new offerings!


Nelle Braccia della notte
Il destino e la tua sorte
Nell’inferno senza fine
E’ questo il tuo confine?
E allora correrai!
L’aereo che non vedrai!
E dove ti troverai
Sei solo in guerra
E non lo sai
War Dance
With me again
Give me your hand
And get my fire
Baby dance!
Under the sun
And you will run
Under that Gun!

9 commenti:

Shirley ha detto...

Goth morning to you :)

nice words, can you help me with a song competition?

Any advice is useful!
Cheers mate

Kev Cruz ha detto...

Hi Shirley (Did you know that that's my Mum's name)
Please explain what you mean by 'song competition' Have you taken up singing??

Shirley ha detto...

hey kev, didn't know that. She has a really nice name (and it was my nick as i was a child, not telling you the reason.. lol)
anyway, jagermeister competition. Must be a metal song...
check the site.

cindy ha detto...

I gotta say that I love the graphic. :) Very nice looking cross and rosary. Artistic too!

maalat ha detto...

punkblog! tnx for the drop-by.. keep it up!

tina ha detto...

war dance...sooo nice.. :)

Stoke ha detto...

Nice words..what about the tune?

Kev Cruz ha detto...

All in good time...all in good time!

Bali ha detto...

I like your word, Do you study on literature. See you next time