venerdì 20 aprile 2007


Hi there,
It almost seems as if poor old Knut (The Polar Bear) has become an integral part of my blog. The latest update is a bit odd. It seems as if Germany 's celebrity polar bear cub Knut has received an anonymous death threat! What? Students going on shooting sprees in schools, global warming in the name of not having smelly (arm) pits and now death threats on Polar Bears! That's it, I'm off to Mars... this worlds getting weird!
On this final note, I'd like to wish you all a Rawkin' weekend!
Sembra che il povero 'Knut' è diventato una parte importante del mio blog. L'ultima notizia è che il celebre cucciolo tedesco ha ricevuto delle minacce di morte! Cosa? Studenti che fanno stragi nelle scuole, riscaldamento globale nel nome di "non avere le ascele puzzolenti" e addesso minacce sui cucioli! Basta... vado a vivere su Marte... questo posto e diventato troppo strano!
Buona weekend a tutti!

10 commenti:

Stoke ha detto...

I always enjoy reading your posts...funny and entertaining!
You're great!

Kev Cruz ha detto...

Cheers are a real gentleman!

Anonimo ha detto...

Bella Kev.... mi piace sempre passare di qui e leggere i tuoi post...

Anonimo ha detto...

Finalmente ti ho trovato Kev....
Stammi Rock!

Anonimo ha detto...

I need to learn Italian...I am still learning spanish, eubonics and jive.

At any rate- Let me know when you go to Mars. I will be sure to send "Ahnold" to help you out in the event you get caught up in the Total Recall Experiment. Other than that- I already have a cave with food and ammo when all hell really breaks loose.

ciao baby!

And yes- have a RAWKIN weekend!

ZJ ha detto...

Hi Kev.
Will you promise to continue blogging when you are already in Mars? :D
Have a great weekend, Kevindude!

Lestat de Lioncourt ha detto...

Devo ammettere, cher, che la notizia ha stupito perfino me. Par bleu.
Se trovate marte ospitale, fate un fischio.


tina ha detto...

huwaaaattt? a polar bear getting death threats???? for crying out loud .. a POLAR BEAR? weird.. just weird.

Kev Cruz ha detto...

There's nothing better than checking out my posts early on a Monday morning!

Anonimo ha detto...

This world has definitely gone off the deep end when someone has to threaten a polar bear. Too bad we can not leave planet earth and go to a place less crazy.