giovedì 29 marzo 2007

Black Adder

After 17 years Rowan Atkinson finally decided to kill off Mr Bean. As soon as he finished filming "Mr Beans holiday" the English actor declared: "It will be far too difficult to sell it again on the big screen..."
Personally I'm chuffed! I was never a big fan, and without a doubt preferred his TV series "Black Adder" that, unfortunately, was only ever screened back in my beloved England! Black Adder brought out the best in this extraordinary actor but what with it being based on what's known as British never caught on abroad! (basicly the rest of the world ain't funny ha ha ha)
Changing subject, what's this about Paris Hilton loosing her virginity (did she ever have it?)
What's gone wrong with the World to make a person like that famous? What's she got to offer...??
At this point I prefer my Cat, who at least had the decency to dress well, what with her being Bin Laden's personal assistant!
E così anche Rowan Atkinson ha deciso, dopo ben oltre 17 anni, di dire BASTA con MR Bean. Appena terminato di girare la pellicola di "Mr Bean's Holiday" l'attore inglese ha dichiarato: "Penso proprio che sarà molto difficile rivederelo sul grande schermo o in televisione..."Personalmente dico: FINALMENTE! Non mi è mai piaciuto molto questo personaggio quanto la serie tv "Black Adder" che, purtroppo, ho visto solo nella mia amata patria. Sicuramente quella serie metteva in evidenza la bravura dell'attore oltre alla grande genialità comica...Cambiando discorso, devo dire che è molto interessante scoprire come Paris Hilton ha perso la sua verginità... Ma, sarcasmo a parte, mi chiedo: Da dov'è uscita questa tipa? Cos'ha fatto nella vita per essere considerata una VIP? Non mi sembra che abbia delle qualità specifiche...A questo punto dico: Meglio la mia gatta che per lo meno ha la qualità di travestirsi molto bene o per lo meno di essere la consigliera personale di Bin Laden....Ciao

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Anonimo ha detto...

hahahaha! Great bit about the cat!

Anonimo ha detto...

A classic scene from Blackadder goes fourth!


Kev Cruz ha detto...

Blackadder quote:

Very well, I accept. A man may fight for many things: his country, his principles, his friends, the glistening tear on the cheek of a golden child. But personally I'd mud wrestle my own mother for a ton of cash, an amusing clock, and a sack of French porn. You're on.

Kev Cruz ha detto...

More from Blackeadder goes fourth!

darko ha detto...

Well I am quite glad Mr Bean will be off soon, Neither I am a big fan of his. Even though I do love #only fool and horses' i think that is the best brit comedy. Paris Hilton... I prefer not to say anything, that is just irrelevant. Have a great day (Friday friday is just around the corna!).

mafe ha detto...

Thanks for visit my're you?

tina ha detto...

im not a fan of Mr. Bean as well.

♥KiTtY KaT♥ ha detto...

it's a shame for me too, now you are not going to understand my blog is a little bit of humor, sex jajajaj LOL that's the sense of what i write.

But i understand your blog =) now that's awesome!!!!
Oh on the other hand i like the metal, goth, rock i love it so hurray for that!!! LOL thanx for stopping by on my blog even that you don't understand it. kisses and hugs!

ychel ha detto...

im not a big fan of mr.bean but ive watched most of his tv show and enjoyed it.

paris hilton?who the hell is this girl.lolzzzz! =P

yeah i agree, ur cat is better.haha! take care. :) tnx for dropping by neway!

Anonimo ha detto...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?