mercoledì 7 marzo 2007

The 23rd

Just thought I'd mention that on the 23rd of this glorious month we'll be strutting our stuff alongside our super great friends 'THE FOUR SKINS' at the Inkubo Kafè! The 'Four Skins' are probably the most dedicated Motley Crue fans the world has ever seen... in fact their set consists of only Motley Crue songs! Should be a damn good laugh, bringing back memories of the good old days of glam!
See you there!

Inkubo Kafè, Via Zuretti, 13 ang. Bruschetti - Milano

Ciao a tutti,
volevo solo dirvi che il 23 di questo mese glorioso saremo a far finta di suonare al fianco dei nostri grandi amici 'THE FOUR SKINS' alL'Inkubo Kafè! I 'Four Skins' sono i più grandi fans dei Motley Crue che il mondo abbia mai visto... infatti suonano solo canzoni dei Motley Crue! Ci sarà da divertirsi da matti, ricordando quei bei vecchi girni glam!
Ci vediamo lì!

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Anonimo ha detto...

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Anonimo ha detto...

I'll be there....

Anonimo ha detto...

Bella Raga.... Ci sarò anch'io....

Kev Cruz ha detto...

Bring your wives, husbands, dogs, cats, fish, pubic lice, worms, maggots, strange tropical wormlike insects that burrow into your skina of course your wallets!
Oh by the way...KEEP VOTING!

Anonimo ha detto...

How come the others never write anything?

Kev Cruz ha detto...

Ciao anonimo,
The Singer has no PC (and wouldn't know how to use one anyway!
The (Spanish) Bass player is no longer among the living, smokes a pipe, wears kippers and eats his slippers (as in old git)!
The Keyboard player doesn't seem to exist!
The Drummer is depressed (as always)
I think I'm the only one with any life left in him.....
If it wasn't that I liked the music soooooooo much, I'd have them all shot ha ha ha!

Sir Winston Churchill ha detto...

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Vladimir ha detto...

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Shirley ha detto...

vi ho pure fatto pubblicità! Ka preparati che viene canale visto che l'inkubo è di fronte casa sua!!

Kev Cruz ha detto...

Cheers Shirley,
When I become a multi millionair super sexy rock star...I'l buy you a coffee!